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Welcome to OVERDRIVE Detailing – the place where attention to detail is art and your car is our canvas. We represent excellence in auto detailing, where every drop of our passion and skill is reflected in the brilliance of your vehicle.
We don’t just clean and improve the appearance of cars. We create unique experiences that turn your car into a work of art. From exclusive paint accenting techniques to meticulous interior detailing, every element is subject to our dedication.

Exterior detailing

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Interior detailing

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Prices are prepared individually for each project.

External restoration of varnish coating, correction by pasting and polishing
450.00BGN - 1000.00BGN
Restoration of external varnish coating, correction by water sanding and finishing
900.00BGN - 1900.00BGN
Applying a nano ceramic protective varnish coating with up to 6 months of protection
390.00BGN - 590.00BGN
Applying a nano ceramic protective varnish coating with up to 36 months of protection
660.00BGN - 960.00BGN
Restoration of brake lights and headlights
100.00BGN - 250.00BGN
Polishing of chrome elements
100.00BGN - 400.00BGN
Cleaning rims and applying a nano ceramic protective coating
400.00BGN - 600.00BGN
Glass polishing and grinding
100.00BGN - 300.00BGN
Application of nano ceramic protective coating on glasses
300.00BGN - 400.00BGN
Cleaning, impregnation and application of a nano ceramic coating on a leather salon
350.00BGN - 500.00BGN
Refreshing plastic details
70.00BGN - 300.00BGN
*All stated prices include VAT!


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I do auto detailing?

The frequency of auto detailing depends on many factors. These factors may include the owner's preferences, the type of vehicle and the conditions in which it is used. It is also important to note that the products and techniques used can affect the duration of the effect of detailing procedures. In general, it is recommended that auto detailing be performed every 8-18 months. This time interval may vary depending on the factors mentioned above as well as the individual needs of the vehicle. In case of more extreme conditions, such as use in saline areas, presence of intense sun or frequent use in polluted conditions, more frequent detailing may be required. Also, using high-quality protective products can extend the period between detailing and maintain a longer-lasting shine and protection of the vehicle.

What are the advantages of protective nano ceramic coatings?

Protective nano ceramic coatings offer high hardness and durability against external influences. They protect the paint from scratches, oxidation, and chemical effects. In addition, they make cleaning easier and provide a long-lasting shine.

Can I do auto detailing myself at home?

Yes, you can do auto detailing on your own, but a successful result requires the right set of products, equipment and techniques. Professional detailing services often involve specialized products and expertise that can be difficult to replicate at home.

What does exterior detailing include?

Exterior detailing typically includes paint polishing, glass cleaning, wheel refinishing, headlight restoration, and applying protective paint coatings.

What is the point of polishing the paint?

Paint polishing removes micro-scratches, enhances gloss and color, and improves the overall appearance of the vehicle. This is an important step in exterior detailing to restore the original shine and protect the paint.


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